Handcrafted   Eco-Friendly   Surf Inspired


Located in Ventura California, Westside Boards handcrafts eco-friendly bodysurf handplanes and surf-inspired furniture.

What began as a woodworking hobby quickly became a passion to build quality sustainable products with less impact on the environment. Eight years and several splinters later, Westside Boards has evolved into a company that combines function and style with the art of board building to produce high quality surf inspired products.

No Toxic Chemicals   No Landfill  

We take pride in quality craftsmanship with less impact on the environment. All of our boards are made from wood that comes from a sustainably managed forest or wood that is reclaimed/recyled. This in turn helps to prevent damage to eco-systems, watersheds, and other forest values and allows us to meet the social, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations.

Our handplanes are among the most eco-friendly on the market. Made from sustainable wood, our boards can be recycled or better yet turned into organic matter long after its usefulness has passed. The wood we use in our handplanes comes from trees that can help to prevent damage to eco systems. They will absorb 10 times more CO2 than any other tree species. When the tree is cut down for harvesting, it will regrow from the stump leaving the root system intact. Each tree can regrow 4-6 times.

Our furniture boards are a great, stylish addition to any room in your home. Popular with beach enthusiasts, each board is personally handcrafted from quality, sustainable wood.

All of our boards are finished or sealed with a high quality, non-toxic, low-VOC, water-based finish made from a natural, renewable resource.


Committed to the environment